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Glutathione depletion causes cell growth inhibition and enhanced apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells Full Article:


Whey protein concentrate (WPC) and glutathione modulation in cancer treatment 

Full Article:


The use of a whey protein concentrate in the treatment of patients with metastatic carcinoma: a phase I-II clinical study   Full Article:

A Cystine-Rich Whey Supplement (Immunocal®) Provides Neuroprotection from Diverse Oxidative Stress-Inducing Agents In Vitro by Preserving Cellular Glutathione "These findings indicate that sustaining GSH with Immunocal significantly protects neurons against diverse inducers of oxidative stress. Thus, Immunocal is a nutritional supplement worthy of testing in preclinical animal models of neurodegeneration and in future clinical trials of patients afflicted by these diseases."

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The cysteine-rich whey protein supplement, Immunocal®, preserves brain glutathione and improves cognitive, motor, and histopathological indices of traumatic brain injury in a mouse model of controlled cortical impact "We conclude that Immunocal® may hold significant promise as a preventative agent for TBI, particularly in certain high risk populations such as athletes and military personnel. Full article:

Improved glutathione status in young adult patients with cystic fibrosis supplemented with whey protein "The results show that dietary supplementation with a whey-based product can increase glutathione levels in cystic fibrosis. This nutritional approach may be useful in maintaining optimal levels of GSH and counteract the deleterious effects of oxidative stress in the lung in cystic fibrosis." Full article:

In vitro selective modulation of cellular glutathione by a humanized native milk protein isolate in normal cells and rat mammary carcinoma model "We report the in vitro selective inhibitory activity of a humanized whey protein concentrate IMMUNOCAL on growth of mammary carcinoma cells and Jurkat T cells in comparison to normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells. We relate this inhibitory activity to a selective depletion of intracellular glutathione synthesis. The use of humanized whey protein concentrate as a food supplementation may have direct implication in clinical trial with adjuvant chemotherapy." Full article:

Immunocal® and preservation of glutathione as a novel neuroprotective strategy for degenerative disorders of the nervous system Full article:

Analysis of glutathione: implication in redox and detoxification  

Study, from Italy, sought to directly link Glutathione and detoxification based on the premise: Analysis of glutathione: implication in redox and detoxification. “In humans, GSH depletion is linked to a number of disease states including cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.”

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